Implementation Options

Making sure you are on the right track.

CloudERP is easy to set-up and use, however the ease of set up will depend on the complexity of the business needs as well as the skills of the people involved.

As a business you have three options when it comes to installation and set up of CloudERP


Once we have set up your instance, you can actually Do It Yourself (DIY).

Payment of first yearś subscription entitles you to

  1. Standard set up and training manuals (Electronic Versions)
  2. Two hours set up consultation spread over a maximum of four phone calls. This will be booked ahead of time.
  3. Consultations are in blocks of thirty minutes each but you can choose to have two or more blocks at the same time. Note that this is different from the usual phone support which is free and unlimited.
  4. Unlimited email consultation and support, responses to such emails will be sent during normal work hours

With (a)(b)(c)(d) above you can decide to set up your instance by yourself, it is not as difficult as you might think.

Pricing for this option is free.

This option is for

  • Small businesses,
  • With basic or very streamlined operations,
  • With owners or staff ready to dedicate the time to understand the system

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The Standard implementation package.

For this package you get everything in the DIY package plus

  1. Three days Training on CloudERP installation and usage for maximum of three users from your company.
  2. This will be held at Xlevel offices in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt and is a group training where staff from other organisations may attend. Your staff will have to attend at the same time.
  3. Xlevel will remotely help in setting up and customising your instance.
  4. You will be given the excel template for uploading Customer/Vendor/Employee/Item/Assets data and once provided Xlevel will upload and fine tune these data.
  5. Xlevel will remotely project manage the implementation and provide unlimited phone and email implementation consultation for the duration of the set-up and implementation.
Pricing for this option is ₦ 100,000

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Full Implementation

For this package you get the following

  1. A dedicated on site implementation team that will consist of a minimum of two Xlevel consultants
  2. The team will have project meetings with the drivers in your company. At this meeting the scope of the project will be determined.
  3. Draw up a timeline covering training, set up and implementation
  4. Carry out gap analysis to determine the extent of customisation that will be required
  5. No limit to the number of people to be trained
  6. Training and desk manuals will be customised for all areas of your companyś operations
  7. Training will be on site or at Xlevel offices depending on your wish.
  8. Two Months post go live hand holding by the dedicated project team

Pricing for this option will depend on (a)(b)(c) (d)and (e) above.

This option is for companies who

  • Are in specialised areas
  • Have specific customisation requirements
  • Have potentially 10 or more users of the system

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